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We are a Christian, non-profit organisation creating solutions to meet the needs of children and their carers in impoverished communities.


Our Vision

That all children receive the sensory stimulation necessary to achieve their full potential.


Our Mission
To zealously provide dynamic training, sensational support & efficaceous equipment to all those involved in childcare.*

*No, we haven't swallowed a thesaurus, and yes, we ARE serious. Teacher training is notoriously ineffective long term, which is why ours is hands on and dynamic.


Efficacious ( as I'm sure you know!) means "Having the power to produce the desired result." Every single one of our toys has been designed to produce a specific end result; to develop either a fine or gross motor, or cognitive skill.


None of this is will bring real change without ongoing, reliable, inspiring and patient support. Really hanging in there with those who will find it hard to change ( that's most of us!) But look, how many words we have used to say that. That's why we carefully chose & used the words we did!

This was one of this summers projects- a joint one with Wales, UK and the USA!

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~Developing Motor skills
Stimulating sight
Parent/carer interaction is key
Fun and laughter!
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